Medical Advocacy in COVID with Dr. Billington

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Information on this website is intended for medical education purposes only. Opinions and recollections presented are personal and do not reflect opinions of the author’s institutional affiliate. Facts reported are accurate to the extent of our ability, based on published resources as outlined in the citations. Information presented should not be used as a substitute for medical evaluation by a licensed medical professional.

Topics covered include:

  • Is COVID really bad?
  • How does this compare to the flu?
  • Did more people die in 2020?
  • How does COVID function?
  • What are the different Vaccines and how do they work?
    • *correction: Johnson and Johnson is an adenovirus vaccine similar to AstraZeneca
  • How Many People are Vaccinated?
  • What about kids and vaccines?
  • Fertility
  • What is the data on waning effectiveness of the vaccines?
  • Delta variant
  • What about new variants?
  • What is breakthrough and what does that mean?
  • Are masks effective?
  • How to talk to patients/family friends

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