Expert Interviews

Our original series of interviews with expert academic faculty and private practice surgeons sharing their advice for learners of all levels.

Quick Hits

This series aims to provide short, focused reviews of commonly tested topics and facts on the yearly in-service exam. A review of relevant anatomy, commonly tested pathologies, and clinical presentations are highlighted.

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Microsurgery Masters

This series aims to educate residents and faculty through in-depth discussions with experts in diverse niches within microsurgery including lymphedema surgery, lower extremity reconstruction, and replantation.

Back to Basics

This series aims to prepare medical students and junior residents to succeed on Plastic Surgery rotations. These episodes will refresh your knowledge and provide practice advice for how to stand out on your rotations.

Flap Cast

This series aims to prepare residents, fellows, and junior faculty to perform common flaps in Plastic Surgery safely and efficiently. We also discuss the indications, complications, and alternatives to each flap.