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  • Where do you find the latest/newest techniques, and how do you train on them as you’re offering them to patients?
  • How creative do you allow yourself to be in developing new ideas/techniques, and did that change based on your outward success or inward comfort level?

Surgical versus injectables

  • patient selection
  • Do you ever use injectables as a bridge to surgery or a trial of the look
  • Lip lift vs lip flip
    • Surgical lip lift originally described in 1970 designed to resuspend the lip to achieve upper tooth exposure in older patients with long upper lips
    • Newer lip flip is more focused on the appearance of volume. Where to inject, and how large of results do you see?
  • Technique on lip fillers –  Vertical injections versus horizontal, how to avoid the labial artery etc, how much
  • Liquid rhinoplasty
  • Dorsal hump
  • Tip rotation
  • Alar asymmetries/irregularities
  • Tips for injectables – avoiding complications in high-risk areas
    • Eye – lid drop
    • Nose – tip necrosis, blindness
    • Lips – pain, contour irregularities


  • how do you stay up to date?
  • Social media presence and growth
  • Choosing what to publish

Social media beauty distortion

  • Exposure to a specific image (like a mirrored “selfie”) and positive self image influences how people “recognize” images of themselves
  • Media exposure and vicarious surgery experience predicted greater likelihood of undergoing cosmetic surgery

Success & Diversity

  • gender and ethnicity
  • women in leadership positions
  • family and children
  • existing barriers to recruiting a more diverse workforce



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