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Prepare for the plastic surgery in-service exam or written boards through a review of high-yield test questions and commonly tested topics.


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Our original series of interviews with expert faculty and private practice surgeons sharing their advice for learners of all levels

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Join selected faculty as we discuss the indications and review the dissection steps of common flaps used in plastic surgery.

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Join expert microsurgeons as we discuss innovative topics and the future directions of microsurgery.

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This series aims to prepare medical students and junior residents to succeed on plastic surgery rotations.

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Recent Shows

Gluteal Flaps with Dr. Tae Chong

Gluteal flaps as a secondary option for autologous breast reconstruction Do you evaluate patients for gluteal perforator flaps if they are not candidates for a DIEP flap? Rationale for preference…

Gender-affirming surgery with Dr. Blair Peters

In this episode of The Resident Review, we’re joined by Dr. Blair Peters (they/he), a double-fellowship trained plastic and reconstructive surgeon who specializes in gender-affirming surgery and peripheral nerve surgery…

Paraspinous Flap with Dr. Sam Poore

Introduction – Paraspinous Flap A flap we commonly use for posterior spine coverage, specifically in patients with complex spinal wounds from multiple reoperations, infection, etc.  A great option for a…

Advocacy in Plastic Surgery with Dr. Lynn Damitz

Join us as we discuss the role of the ASPS Legislative Advocacy Committee and PlastyPAC and ways to get involved in advocacy. We also review the current policy issues that we are advocating for on the federal level including scope of practice and physician reimbursement.